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Stop the Freeze

Stop the freeze (pdf version)

On 1 October, the Industrial Relations Commission (the IRC) handed down a 0.3 per cent salary increase for front line public servants. This decision is a direct result of the Berejiklian/Barilaro Government’s belief that, at this time of crisis, the very people keeping our community safe should be the ones who sacrifice the most.

Today the PSA is launching our campaign to gain respect for the work you do.

Eight years ago the Liberal government legislated the 2.5 per cent wage cap on Public Service pay.  During the economic boom we have been capped at 2.5% and now we are effectively having our wages cut. They have handed down huge increases to the police commissioner and other public sector bosses. We are not getting a fair go.

With the NSW State Budget due to be released on 17 November, we are asking members to write to their local politicians to point out the injustice of the government’s decision.

Members in Schools and Transport are not affected by the wage freeze this year, however, we know that the government’s policy will see them challenge their pay in future award negotiations. Together, we need to fight this injustice.

The PSA knows that you deserve a fair pay rise, the government can afford it and by providing a fair pay rise we will stimulate the NSW economy.

A message from the General Secretary can be viewed HERE

The first step is for members to write to their local member of parliament.

Click on this LINK to send an email letter to your local representative and members of the Upper House.

Feel free to write your own message as appropriate.

If you get a response, share it with the PSA at

Together we can STOP THE FREEZE.

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