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Strategy Policy & Commissioning restructure

SPC Restructure - Feb 2021 (PDF version)

While members are undertaking crucial work for the most vulnerable members of our community through the difficult and unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, the Department continues to press ahead with the restructure of Strategy Policy & Commissioning (SPC).

EOI for voluntary redundancy

On Monday, the Department announced an Expression of Interest (EOI) for Voluntary Redundancy (VR) that closes at 5:00 pm on Monday, 15 February.

  • The EOI is for ongoing employees in SPC only
  • It does not guarantee you will be offered a VR.

Click HERE to see the Frequently Asked Questions about the VR Program.

The announcement of an EOI for VR Program is a clear indication there will be substantial change and job losses within SPC.

Consultation and Restructure Management Plan

The PSA has written to the Department to commence consultation and be provided with a Restructure Change Management Plan for consideration and feedback.

Despite working towards this restructure for more than a year, the Department has still not finalised its Restructure Management Plan. We are advised it will be finished and available to staff on Wednesday, 10 February, during the staff forum. 

Also a dedicated SPC Reform intranet page will go-live on 10 February.

Your Delegates and PSA staff will ensure that full and comprehensive consultation is undertaken and members’ rights are protected.

Both Delegates and PSA staff will also organise meetings with effected members to discuss the Restructure Management Plan and what it means for you. We will also ensure your concerns and suggestions are heard and taken up with the Department.

At a minimum the Department must provide;

  • a clear and transparent consultation process
  • background and reasons for the proposed changes
  • a comprehensive employee communication strategy
  • detailed information on proposed changes to the organisation structure/chart including what positions are being deleted, changed and created
  • a fair and transparent DRAFT process for filling positions
  • details of what impact on services and functions the proposed changes will have
  • support services for staff
  • a proposed timetable for implementation

The PSA strongly encourages members to attend the staff forum, review the information provided on the intranet and provide feedback to the Department and to the PSA. 

Keep an eye out for future PSA bulletins for details of member meetings and encourage other members to attend and have their voice heard.

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