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Subsidence Advisory NSW changes: PSA members’ bulletin

Sub Adv NSW changes - July 2019 (PDF version)

The Department advised the PSA about a meeting with staff on Thursday 25 July. The meeting discussed the outcomes of a recent review of the operating model to deliver better service to claimants, reduce duplication of effort and facilitate greater collaboration and innovation across the unit.

The PSA has been provided with the current and proposed organisation structures and the draft role description for the manager roles.

While there is an impact at the manager level, as the PSA best understands it, the main changes to staff will be a better realignment (repointing) so management is consistent to your workplace location – Picton or Newcastle.

The current consultation period is scheduled to close this Friday 2 August. PSA members who would like to submit any concerns to the PSA for follow up with the Department are invited to contact PSA Industrial Officer, Simon van Vegchel at "> or on 0409 922 797.

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