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Sydney Living Museums: Proposed flex changes

Proposed Flex Changes - May 2021 (PDF version)

The PSA is currently in discussions with Sydney Living Museum (SLM) regarding your flex agreement. We request your feedback regarding these proposed changes.

Sydney Living Museum (SLM) is proposing to shift employees onto the State Archives and Records (SARA) flex agreement.

Below are the main differences between the current SLM flex agreement, and the proposed SARA flex agreement.

We are aware that the proposed Bandwidth and Core Time changes are of particular concern to PSA Members. Do you disagree with changing Bandwidth and Core Time? Does the current Bandwidth and Core time support caring arrangements, perhaps with children or another family member? We need to hear from you regarding this.

The PSA seeks your feedback by Thursday 13 May 2021 7pm. Please email Davis Murphy at .

Feedback will be kept anonymous and raised in a collective manner.

Provision Column A: Current flex clause



(Historic Houses Trust of NSW Flexible Working Hours Agreement May 2003)

Column B: proposed flex clause



(Department of Planning and Environment Flexible Working Hours Agreement 2016)


The time between the earliest permissible starting time and the latest permissible ceasing time.



Maybe varied by agreement with the appropriate Director



Clause 7



Maybe varied by agreement with the appropriate Director/Executive Director


Clause 10

Core Time

Core time is that period of the working day when all employees are required to be on duty unless on lunch break or approved leave.



Clause 8



Clause 11

Flex Leave Up to 1 full day (or 2 half days) each settlement period


Clause 13



Up to 2 full days or 4 half days each settlement period (or any combination not exceeding 2 full days)



Banking of Flex Leave

Banked days are flex days that have been unable to be taken during the flex period and have beenbanked” to be taken at a later time



May bank between 1-5 days in a settlement period



Banked days must be taken during the same 13 months period as accrued


Banked flex must be exhausted prior to taking time in lieu, annual or extended leave or LWOP



Clause 14


Up to 2 flex days may be accrued and banked per settlement period


(flex leave may only be banked where the time was not used – eg. if an employee takes a flex day, they can only then bank 1 day.  Flex used and banked combined cannot exceed 2 working days each settlement period)



Clause 16

18. Accumulation and Carry over

(full & part time employees)


Time Credit is the amount of time worked in a settlement period, which exceeds the contract hours.


Time Debit is the amount of time, below the contract hours, not worked in a settlement period.


Carry-Over is the amount of credit or debit that may be carried over into the next settlement period.

Where workload demands result in a Flex Credit above one hundred and fifty-seven (157) hours the staff member may bank days in blocks of seven hours from their excess credit.


Extra hours may be banked if flex time was unable to be utilised during the period.  Can be banked in half or full day increments



Recording of Hours

(SLM Agreement)

Computerised recording sheet

On a daily basis

Must be submitted within 1 week of the end of the settlement period


Clause 15


Recorded on SAP system


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