TAFE enterprise bargaining agreement update - Public Service Association

TAFE enterprise bargaining agreement update

TAFE enterprise bargaining agreement update – April 2016 (PDF version)

Your PSA bargaining team met with TAFE NSW on Thursday 7 April 2016. The bargaining team considered a new salary spine and discussed protections for members in any translation to the new Work Level Standards.

Your Protected Action Ballot vote is working!

Whilst there is still some way to go, initial discussions have indicated that the successful PABO has spurred TAFENSW management into action. TAFENSW has amended its position significantly and is moving closer to a salary spine and translation proposal that the PSA may recommend to members. The full details are complex and the current negotiations remain confidential until a complete package can be presented to members. Your PSA delegates are keeping a very close eye on all developments to ensure that any proposal is in the best interests of members.

However, there are still a number of slashed conditions remaining on the table. The next bargaining meeting is scheduled for Friday 15 April and will focus on your employment conditions such as hours of work, overtime, shift penalties and rostered days off.

Considering the overwhelming majority supported the taking of protected industrial action, your TAFE Delegates Council has met and resolved to formally notify TAFENSW of a ban on participating in Institute Consultative Committee (ICC) meetings until further notice.

In addition, the DC resolved that unless there is substantial movement from TAFENSW towards a fair agreement, members will take industrial action on Thursday 28 April. Further information on this proposed industrial action will be distributed after the next bargaining meeting.

Your bargaining team will continue to need your support to make sure we get the best deal possible for you. Please watch for updates and support your local delegates. In addition, ask a colleague to join the PSA and join the campaign to protect your conditions.

PSA win on Broken Shifts

TAFENSW has agreed that Broken Shifts will only apply to Security Officers and will not be extended further. Currently, only Security and General Service Officers can work broken shifts and the union is opposed to expanding this to other employees. The PSA welcomes TAFENSW agreeing to limit broken shifts.

What’s next?

Permanent Part Year Employment (PPY)

PPY is a major issue for many PSA members who are currently employed on a temporary basis during term time. Your union has major concerns around how this may be used in the future.

The PSA opposes any plan that allows TAFE to restructure current permanent full year positions into part year positions, forcing people to be stood down without pay for extended periods (up to 16 weeks a year).

However, the PSA does want to provide improved security for the hundreds of temporary employees who are part year and are blocked from being converted to permanent.

During bargaining, the PSA put forward a proposal to allow any current temporary member of staff to be converted to permanent part year employment, but restricting TAFE from restructuring current full year positions to part time positions.  This proposal would provide permanent job security to long term part year temps, whilst protecting current full year staff from being forced to accept a part year position.

TAFE rejected this, just as they have rejected all the PPY proposals put forward by the PSA.

The PSA will push hard to limit Part Year Employment, while finding a way to provide permanency for the 650+ staff that TAFE choose to employ on rolling temporary contracts.

Survey still open

Thank you to those members who have already completed the Part Year Employment Survey. This will help inform how we design any acceptable Part Year Employment arrangements. This includes how to manage rosters and schedules, annual leave and salary payments. If you are working part year, or think TAFE is planning to convert your position to Part Year please complete this survey HERE.

Current status of negotiations

Whilst there has been some positive developments since the successful ballot, a number of unacceptable cuts to your conditions remain on the table.  The union needs your support to ensure that we get the best outcome for members.

Clauses – agreed and not agreed

New Classification Descriptors (Work Level Standards) Notionally agreed
Salary Spine for new Classification Descriptors Not Agreed
Implementation of new Classification Descriptors Not Agreed
Reclassification rights Not Agreed
Performance Development Not Agreed
Daily span of hours Not Agreed
Weekly hours of work Not Agreed
Overtime entitlements Not Agreed
Flexible working arrangements Not Agreed
Rostered Days Off, maintaining current entitlements Not Agreed
Shift penalties and shift entitlements Not Agreed
Broken Shifts, who this may apply to Notionally agreed
Union rights for your delegates Not Agreed
Part Year Employment Not Agreed
Restrictions on Temporary Employment Not Agreed
2015 pay rise of 2.5% Rejected by TAFE NSW
2016 pay rise Not Agreed
2017 pay rise Not Agreed
Dispute Resolution Notionally agreed
Consultation Notionally agreed
Probation Notionally agreed
Broken Hill Annual Leave Notionally agreed
Travelling Compensation Notionally agreed
Consolidated Allowances. A full list will be provided later for members to consider. Agreed (a few last checks needed)
Overtime Meal Allowance Notionally agreed
First Aid Allowance Notionally agreed
Height Allowance (combination of current allowances) Notionally agreed
Tool Allowance (combination of current allowances) Notionally agreed
Motor Vehicle Allowance Notionally agreed

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