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TAFE support staff Enterprise Bargaining

TAFE support staff enterprise bargaining – February 2016 (PDF version)

TAFE NSW refuses to commit to job security

The PSA (CPSU) continued to press TAFE NSW to commit to improving job security for administrative support and related employees. The first demand by the union was for TAFE NSW to support priority access to new positions, while undertaking restructures. This would occur before employees are declared excess. TAFE NSW refused.

The second demand by the PSA (CPSU) was for TAFE NSW to include a statement that it supported maintaining job security for employees, and would use excess employees as a last resort. TAFE NSW again refused.

Part-year employment

There has been a massive increase in the use of part-year employment. Over the past decade the number has risen from around 150 part-year employees to at least 640 part-year employees, both part- and full-time. The PSA(CPSU) has requested TAFE NSW convert the current temporary part-year employees to permanent. TAFE NSW has refused to do this without also having the ability to create more temporary part-year positions.

TAFE NSW has consistently wanted unions to agree to a broad-ranging ability to create an unlimited number of new, part-year employment positions. Just as is currently the case, this would see a lot more employees lose their jobs in favour of lower-paid, part-year workers. If TAFE NSW can have an unlimited amount of new part year positions, the organisation has indicated it will then consider offering some of the current temporary part-year employees conversion to permanent.

Union members have been reporting their permanent positions are being removed, and replaced with temporary positions including part-year temporary positions. With 15-17 percent of the workforce already on part-year employment conditions, how many more will be forced to do the same?

Are you part-year and temporary? We need your feedback! Survey Link HERE

TAFE NSW has started converting full-year jobs into part-year jobs, and is likely to continue this. Would you agree to change your job to part-year?

Everyone, please let us know how you feel about Part-Year Employment.

Your PSA (CPSU) Bargaining Reps

Leon Parissi                 Sydney Institute

Brook Down                  North Coast Institute

Brad Cowie                   Illawarra Institute

Christophe Hobbins       Riverina Institute

Glenda Pryor                Western Sydney Institute

For general feedback contact:

Leon Parissi    

Brook Down  

Blake Stephens

PSA (CPSU) Staff – TAFE Bargaining

Blake Stephens                    Phoebe Dangerfield

Nathan Bradshaw                  Ian Lambert

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