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TfNSW and RMS Award negotiations – Pay Claim and more Generally Log of Claims

The combined unions held a mass members meeting on 1 March for a general log of claims to be endorsed by the membership.  The unions, including the PSA, are developing specific log of claims.

We are pleased that the majority of the combined union members endorsed the TfNSW and RMS log of claims.  You can view the RMS log here and TfNSW log here.

Pay Claim

As part of the general logs the PSA has included a wage claim of a minimum 3.6 per cent.

We are currently experiencing higher prices and inflation is rising faster than for most of the past decade.  With inflation at 3.5 per cent the impact of the NSW Coalition Government in 2011 legislating a wages cap on the public sector of 2.5 per cent, which remains in force, means that members wages will go backwards. The simple fact is that the wages cap means our pay rises are no longer keeping up with inflation.

We want to know how members feel about the PSA’s wage claim.  Please take a few minutes to complete our survey HERE.

Listen to the PSA Podcast discussing this issue on Facebook HERE. Or search PSA CPSU in your favourite podcast app and subscribe to the PSA Podcast.

Log of Claims

The PSA has utilized the previous survey results to, with the combined unions, develop a general log of claims for the RMS and TfNSW Awards.

If you managed to attend the mass members meeting on 1 March you would have heard the approach is for the combined unions to serve TfNSW with both general logs of claims with bargaining to be structured so specific logs of claims will be served prior to the meetings.

The PSA is holding members meeting to run through the general log of claims and discuss the specific claims the PSA is intending to make.

A meeting for your area is being held via Teams on Friday 11 March 2022 at 12:00pm you can Click here to join the meeting.

The PSA will hold further member meetings as negotiations progress.

If members have any questions please contact 1300 772 679. If you are not a member join here.

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