Trustee and Guardian members bulletin and survey re work overload - Public Service Association

Trustee and Guardian members bulletin and survey re work overload

Trustee and Guardian bulletin and survey – work overload – 10 August 2015 (PDF version)

The PSA has been advised by members of workplace stress and bullying affecting staff in the organisation. This confirmed a stress survey conducted by the PSA in January 2015, which indicated concerning levels of stress, work overload and bullying.

The PSA is seeking to ensure that the Trustee and Guardian address it’s duty of care to staff in the following ways –

  • Identify areas of concern to management at the Joint Consultative Committee and other consultative forums, and seek action in relation to such concerns
  • Support individual members in relation to any disputes with Trustee and Guardian
  • Ensure that proper consultation mechanisms are in place.

The PSA is also seeking to monitor stress, bullying and work overload issues in the workplace and is seeking further member feedback in relation to these matters.

What Can You Do

Advise your PSA delegates of any workplace issues of concern.

Contact the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

Work overload is a health hazard

Work overload is having more work than you can reasonably do in normal working hours.
It can have the following effects:

  • Difficulty in balancing work and family responsibilities
  • Feeling unreasonable pressure at work
  • Feeling overwhelmed or exhausted at work
  • Suffering from work related anxiety and stress
  • Difficulty in sleeping at night
  • Increased alcohol and/or drug intake
  • Withdrawal from personal relationships and social activities
  • Difficulty in accessing leave
  • Difficulty in taking breaks at work
  • Working unpaid hours
  • Difficulty in accessing training.

Please complete THIS SURVEY in relation to work overload.


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