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Trustee & Guardian: Financial Management team reception duties

Reception Duties - May 2021 (PDF version)

The PSA understands that there was a temporary arrangement of six weeks over the past Christmas holiday period whereby members of the Financial Management (FM) team at Parramatta would assist on Level 1 with reception. This is taking significant time away from client matters allocated. The PSA understands customer service officers are expected to sit downstairs from 9:00am to 1:00pm until another officer arrives for a shift between 1:00pm to 5:00pm. Members have advised this arrangement has remained in operation despite being a temporary measure and continues to take time away from their client matters.

In particular, the current issues experienced by members within the FM team as a result of the arrangement include that:

  • Outreach Reception staff were confused why FM staff were there
  • Some FM staff had no customer visits during their four-hour shift
  • Some FM staff only had two or three customers in their four-hour shift.
  • Covering the lunch breaks each day, has caused extra work for the teams (including longer telephone shifts)
  • Rostering staff coverage for the Outreach Branch is a challenge for PSCOs, when they take into consideration – flexible working arrangements, leave (planned and unplanned), telephone shifts, NCAT hearings, training, One to One meetings and other team meetings.
  • Apart from checking in FM clients with the Services NSW app, no other value was added to the customer experience
  • Customers are now seeking three people (Receptionist, 1ST CSO the 2nd CSO) instead of two (Receptionist and CSO)
  • Outreach staff can be dismissive of FM customers/staff
  • The desk is not set up for all staff members. The new desk (behind the Branch Manager) does not have a working phone and does not have a keyboard
  • FM staff have to bring all of their equipment with them
  • FM staff are being told by Outreach staff to clean interviews rooms, each time it is used by an FM Customer
  • The FM staff are not supportive of this concierge role; they feel that it is another function being added to their workload without any concessions
  • FM staff are unclear why this function is noting being carried out by the Outreach Receptionist as was previously the case
  • The six-week trial now seems to have turned into an ongoing FM function without consultation with FM Staff
  • FM staff have not received any clarification from Senior Management into the benefits of this function, including any improved levels to customer service
  • PSCOs would prefer that the Outreach Receptionist set up a Chats for each the FM team in Microsoft Teams (i.e. K2 Team Attendance) and then use these chats to notify them when an FM customer attends. This will ensure that all of the team is aware that there is an attendance and arrangements can be made for available staff to attend without the need to have staff located in the Outreach Branch.

The PSA has written to the CEO about these issues and has requested an urgent meeting.

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