Union wins 3.3 per cent increase for transferred DPI Water employees in 2017 - Public Service Association

Union wins 3.3 per cent increase for transferred DPI Water employees in 2017

Water NSW member update – 13 June 2017 (PDF Version)

The CPSU (PSA) is pleased to inform former DPI Water members that, after submissions made by our peak union body, the Fair Work Commission has awarded a 3.3 per cent annual increase in modern award pay rates. This will also flow onto Water NSW staff covered by the COPIED Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Review Award 2009.

The Annual Wage Review decision provides certainty for transferred staff after Water NSW failed to commence Bargaining in time to finalise a suitable Enterprise Agreement for all Water NSW employees.  This 2017 pay rise is linked to the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review decision. This decision is expressly extended to Copied State Awards including those Awards of former DPI Water and Sydney Catchment Authority employees.

The CPSU (PSA) will be writing to Water NSW to ensure that these pay increases are passed onto those affected Water NSW employees and the Union will demand that the same pay rise is extended SWC employees under the copied State Water Corporation Enterprise Agreement 2015. This 3.3% pay rise applies regardless of the NSW State Government Wages Policy.

The conditions of employment for former DPI Water and SCA employees will continue for at least 5 years from the date of transfer or until an enterprise agreement is made that applies. Future pay rises from the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review may continue in future years for employees on the copied state awards. The Union will continue consultations with all Water NSW members regarding progress, strategy and how members want to proceed with negotiations and what outcomes members care most about.

It is important that you ask your colleagues to JOIN the CPSU (PSA) to ensure that we can get the best outcome for ALL our members across Water NSW. Please forward this update, print out a copy of the PDF link above for your lunch room, and ask colleagues to JOIN the CPSU (PSA) online here. 


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