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Unplaced Employees: PSA success and next steps

Over the last 18 – 24 months, TfNSW has undergone extensive restructuring.  As a result of these restructures, a total of 238 employees who remain unplaced.

TfNSW were looking to commence the process of declaring all unplaced employees excess, regardless of whether or not these employees were in temporary placements.

The PSA has successfully advocated for unplaced members who are undertaking work and they will not be declared excess. The result is that employees in meaningful work – meaning work in a funded role – will not be declared excess.

The PSA also campaigned on behalf of a number of members, who were unplaced and continue to do meaningful work in deleted roles.  TfNSW has said they will look into this prior to declaring any employees excess.

The PSA understands there are currently 44 unplaced employees who do not have meaningful work.

RMS Employees

As transferred RMS employees would be aware, legislation was enacted that protected them from being made forcibly redundant for at least 4 years from the date of RMS dissolving into TfNSW.

The legislation does not prevent TfNSW from declaring workers excess and offering voluntary redundancies (VR). If you decline that voluntary redundancy then TfNSW cannot make you forcibly redundant until December 2023, at the earliest.

If you are an unplaced employee and you have been declared excess and you believe you are doing meaningful work and would like assistance please contact the PSA on 1300 722 679 or email 

If you have not joined the PSA yet, now is the time join.  Join HERE.

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