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Powerhouse Museum – long-term casuals update

Discussions between the PSA and MAAS surrounding the non-payment of long term casuals progressed yesterday.

MAAS has agreed to assess all casuals, with a view of continuing to pay long-term casuals in to the future.

Yesterday morning, the PSA contacted MAAS with regards to the ceasing of the casual support payment.

The PSA requested that MAAS continue to employ casuals who have worked regularly and systematically for a period of six months or longer and confirm they would continue to be paid.

As a result of this discussion, the PSA is pleased to advise that MAAS will now:

  • Assess long term casuals over the next few days, with a view to continue paying long term casuals who fit the above criteria.
  • Provide the PSA with clear guidelines in terms of how these assessments are made.
  • Agree to rectify this week’s non-payment for all who meet the criteria for payment.

The PSA will be in constant communication with management to ensure agreement on the above.

The PSA expects to hear from MAAS by Tuesday 19 May 2020.

The PSA is in the corner of MAAS members. If you haven’t already, we need you to join the PSA today at www.psa.asn.au/join.


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