Update on misconduct allegations for Goulburn and South Coast Correctional Centres - Public Service Association

Update on misconduct allegations for Goulburn and South Coast Correctional Centres

Misconduct Allegations Update - June 2021 (PDF version)

Due to the extreme logistical difficulties in responding to more than 200 disciplinary letters and due to recently announced lockdown for the City of Sydney, Woollahra, Waverley and Randwick local government areas, the PSA has had to request a further extension on the current deadline for our members to respond to the allegations concerning the events of 28 March 2021 at Goulburn and South Coast Correctional Centres. This request has been granted and accordingly the PSA’s response is now due on Wednesday, 7 July 2021.

Also, early next week all of you who have provided your allegations of misconduct to the PSA will receive an email from . This email will contain a draft general response for each of you to adopt if you wish. The members who advised in response to our survey that they were on leave, not rostered or worked their shift on 28 March 2021, will receive a separate response via email early next week.

Additionally, a number of members have indicated that they did not attend their shift on 28 March 2021 because they were told by a Commissioned Officer or by Rosters not to attend. If this is relevant to you, please identify the rank or position of the officer (you do not need to name them) who told you not to attend via email to .

Contact details

Nicole Jess Chairperson
0427 609 199

Jason Charlton Vice Chairperson   
0401 500 976

Natalie Howes Secretary                              
0407 011 441

Mark Hutchinson Assistant Secretary
0410 031 963

Darren King Country Vice Chair
0407 935 039

Joshua Hamade Country Vice Chair
0456 249 991

Clinton Lamb Vice Chair Overseer  
0400 709 144

David McCauley POVB Industrial Officer
0419 022 767

David Bartle POVB Industrial Officer
0418 425 976

Trish O’Brien Welfare Officer
0412 120 391



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