Update on questions asked at PCC - Public Service Association

Update on questions asked at PCC

Update on questions asked at PCC - March 2020 (PDF version)

On Monday 24 February, the PSA attended the quarterly RMS Peak Consultative Committee (PCC) meeting. At the PCC meeting, the PSA raised a number of the concerns which members have raised with the PSA at recent member’s meetings. Please find below answers to a few of these queries.

Q: Some field-based staff are having difficulty accessing either laptops or tablets for their work. In the ABW environment, staff should have access to at least a laptop – and tablet where required for work – without the need for excess business cases in the new ABW Environment. Why are staff in ABW environments and or field based environments being requested to undertake business cases for seemingly standard equipment to undertake their roles?

A: Where staff are working in an ABW environment no business case should need to be provided. Tablets: need to further find out the local situation, individual members should contact the PSA if they are having difficulties.

Q: Is there a sunset clause on the RMS uniforms and other RMS logo workwear?

A: Some areas had direction on uniforms – remove logo and throw out the clothing. Other areas had no information. RMS to update the PSA on policy surrounding RMS branded uniforms at next PCC, with the view of achieving a consistent approach.

Q: Excess leave: How is this managed in the Equip System? Is there rules imbedded in the system that block flex being taken when there is excess leave – even if you have a leave plan established. Managers should be on top of excess leave and flex and be having these discussions regarding leave and flex (excess leave and continuing to accrue flex may be indicating fatigue or poor management of staff).

A: The Equip system should be sophisticated enough to manage the planned leave and flex approval. Where this is not happening, members should raise issues with the PSA to escalate to the Equip team.


If you have any other queries, feel free to contact your workplace organiser Ben James on bjames@psa.asn.au or 0438 485 535.

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