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Update Radio Operations Group – Business Rules

Police Update Radio Operations Group – Business Rules 7 April 2015 (PDF version)

On Thursday, 2 April 2015, the PSA wrote to Superintendent Hegarty advising of our serious concerns relating to the Business Rules that have been developed in relation to flexible rostering.

We advised that it is our understanding that they have led to rostering changes in at least one of the Radio Operations Centres and that changes were pending in others. We stated that this was a breach of clause 10 of the Crown Employees (NSW Police Force Communications Officer) Award which states:

“Notwithstanding clause 9. Shift Rosters, the parties agree that where 65 per cent of officers at a particular location and the relevant Centre Manager agree, flexible rosters may be introduced. This may involve changes to the current shift lengths, the starting and finishing times of shifts and/or the current rosters.”

On the same day the PSA emailed the Radio Operations Group delegates to coordinate a teleconference to advise and discuss our intended way forward on this matter.

It is important that we also develop a communication strategy to gather the detailed concerns of our members in all of the centres.

In the PSA’s correspondence last Thursday we advised that we require an adequate response within five working days or we will consider lodging a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission.

Superintendent Hegarty responded on the same day advising he was prepared to meet with the PSA to discuss the matter. In light of this, the PSA will seek to meet with the Superintendent as soon as possible. That meeting will determine whether the matter needs to be referred to the Industrial Relations Commission.

In the meantime, we will continue to coordinate a meeting of delegates, and will keep you updated in this matter. We will be actively seeking your views. Please work with your delegates to ensure we have an effective communication process and strategy.

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