Upper House rejects O’Farrell's cash grab from public sector workers - Public Service Association

Upper House rejects O’Farrell’s cash grab from public sector workers

PSA Media Release Superannuation 050314 (PDF)

The Public Service Association of NSW (PSA) has welcomed the NSW Upper House voting to ensure the State Government passes on the full 2.5% wage increase for public sector workers.

The NSW Government had attempted a squeeze on public sector workers’ pay packets by making them pay for the Federal Government’s compulsory rise in superannuation out of their own pockets.

PSA General Secretary Anne Gardiner said it was shameful that the NSW Upper House needed to rein in the O’Farrell government’s attacks on hardworking public sector workers.

“It’s the second time the Government has tried to puts its hands in the pockets of public sector workers and make them pay for what should be an employer contribution to superannuation,” Ms Gardiner said today.

“The Government lost in the Industrial Relations Commission and it lost again in the Parliament.

“The Upper House has sent a clear message that making people pay for superannuation out of their own wages is unacceptable.

“You’d expect the biggest employer in NSW to show more respect for its workers, especially when it has previously imposed an unfair 2.5% wage cap on them.

“With CPI running at 2.6%, public sector workers have already had their real wages reduced by the government.

“Cuts to jobs, salaries and conditions will not deliver better services for the people of NSW,” Ms Gardiner said.

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