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UrbanGrowth NSW Separation

UrbanGrowth NSW seperation – May 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA is aware staff were informed on 10 May the allocation of projects from UrbanGrowth NSW to UrbanGrowth Development Corporation (UGDC) and Landcom has been confirmed by the Government.

As you would know, staff were informed the People Workstream would now be looking at the organisational functions for the two entities, what the transition will mean for all employees of UrbanGrowth NSW, and how the separation will be implemented from a people perspective.

Up to this point, the PSA has not been consulted on any proposal, or the effects the separation will have on members.

The PSA subsequently learned a “staff briefing” would be held on 24 May to discuss the above. In addition, we were informed the Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet would be in attendance to brief staff. As a result, the PSA immediately informed UrbanGrowth NSW it was required to consult with the PSA, and unless it did we would lodge a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission.

As a result of the PSA’s actions, the staff briefing was cancelled, and a meeting has been set for Thursday 25 May to begin consultation.

It is important to note consultation is not just informing the PSA after a decision is announced. It is a process which allows employees, through their union, to participate in and influence decisions which directly affect them. The PSA is committed to ensure effective consultation around any new structure allows our members to participate in the decision making process.

The PSA will keep members informed as discussions progress, and will be holding members meetings to discuss the issues raised. If you are a member of the PSA, and you have any questions you would like raised on your behalf, please email Industrial Manager Nathan Bradshaw on . Non-members are welcome to join the PSA at www.psa.asn.au so you are able to have your say on the proposed structure.

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