UWS College Enterprise Agreement 2015 bargaining meeting - Public Service Association

UWS College Enterprise Agreement 2015 bargaining meeting

UWS College bargaining update – September 2015 (PDF version)

In the past fortnight, the PSA/CPSU visited several UWS College campuses across Sydney to meet with staff about the forthcoming UWSC enterprise agreement (EA). The information we collected was very useful.

The PSA/CPSU brought these issues to the second round of negotiations.

In addition to the key issues the PSA/CPSU raised on behalf of members in the previous meeting in early August, we put forward a number of important issues that members had raised with us. Some of these are:

  • the inclusion of a clause in the EA which covers processes for some professional staff who would like to apply to work from home either as a temporary measure or something more permanent
  • equal pay for UWS staff for the same jobs – levels are not HEW. The PSA/CPSU will continue to argue for conditions and remuneration which are equivalent or superior to those available to professional staff at UWS
  • increased access to flexible hours arrangements
  • clarification of the process for payment of time in lieu at overtime rates where applicable
  • job security, with existing staff be considered for UWS jobs before external applicants
  • the inclusion of an equitable and transparent salary structure with guaranteed pay increases over the life of the agreement
  • a minimum four-hour minimum engagement period for general (professional) casual staff.

In addition, it has come to our attention that recently some casuals are missing out on the opportunity to work Sundays on government-funded programs, with this work outsourced to a recruitment agency. The PSA/CPSU seeks to introduce a clause which provides penalty rates for casuals working Sundays. Such a provision is currently lacking from your EA.

The next round of negotiations occurs on Tuesday 11 September. PSA consultation with members is ongoing, so if you are interested in contributing to what is included in your agreement or attending the bargaining meetings, please get in touch. We can make arrangements for your release from normal duties on the Tuesdays.

Your bargaining team:

Amy Ferguson (PSA delegate)

Matt Drake-Brockman (PSA staff)

Phoebe Dangerfield (PSA staff)

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