UWSCollege Enterprise Agreement 2015 bargaining meeting - Public Service Association

UWSCollege Enterprise Agreement 2015 bargaining meeting

UWSCollege Enterprise Agreement 2015 bargaining report back August 2015 (PDF version)

The PSA(CPSU) recently attended a meeting between industrial representatives from NTEU, IEU, as well as union member delegates and UWS College bargaining representatives.

The purpose of the meeting was to lay the groundwork for negotiations for the forthcoming UWSCollege Enterprise Agreement 2015, including discussions on what each party saw as the key issues that would likely be central to the negotiations.

The PSA(CPSU) put forward a number of key issues on behalf of members. These were:

  • The PSA(CPSU) seeks a separate enterprise agreement for General (professional) staff. This is an in-principle position we have taken, which recognises the separate interests of PSA(CPSU) members and NTEU/IEU members (who are academic/teaching staff).
  • The PSA(CPSU) seeks, in principle, conditions and remuneration which is equivalent or superior to those available to General (professional) staff under the equivalent UWS Professional Staff Agreement. The PSA(CPSU) will argue that the current arrangement has created two tiers of employees (one, at UWS, the other at UWSCollege) who may essentially undertake the same duties, however, be afforded inferior conditions of employment, and inferior rates of pay. It is also the PSA(CPSU)’s view that given the significant improvements of the College’s financial position since the previous enterprise agreement was reached in 2013 that it ought to pass on some of its financial rewards to its staff.\\
  • The PSA(CPSU) seeks the inclusion of a clause which addresses domestic violence that is in line with community standards. The PSA(CPSU) also raised the idea of college programs which offer training and development opportunities for members.
  • Increased job security and a move away from casualisation.
  • The introduction of a 4-hour minimum engagement period for General (professional) casual staff.

The next round of negotiations occurs on Tuesday 25 August, and every fortnight thereafter.

The PSA will begin consultations with members in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in contributing to the formation of your agreement and/or attending the bargaining meetings, then please get in touch and we will make arrangements for your release from normal duties on the Tuesdays.

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