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Vote to Defend Public Services

As an employee in the NSW public sector, you have first-hand experience of the impact government policies have had on service delivery.

As an employee in the public sector, you also have the rare opportunity to vote on who should be your employer.

The Public Service Association is not affiliated with any political party.

Our Central Council passed a motion on 9 February 2015 stating that no resources of the union be directed to assist any party or person in this election campaign.

This does not mean however that we must be silent or neutral when it comes to defending public services and the rights of our members in the workplace.

What we have been doing

In the lead up to the election, our members have been active in the community talking to people about how the current Government’s policies have impacted on the services they deliver.

PSA members and staff have doorknocked thousands of homes in key seats and had hundreds of people pledge to use their vote to support our campaign against privatisation and job cuts.

Our members have run market stalls, designed a billboard that was put up on the Pacific Highway near Newcastle and held rallies across the state.

You can see photos HERE.

So where do the parties stand on issues that affect our members?

We have put together a voting record card showing how each of the parties has voted in the Upper House on key issues that impact public services in NSW and the rights of our members who deliver them.

You can see that voting record HERE.

Last year more than 25,000 people signed our petition opposing the wholesale privatisation of disability services.

Last week we wrote to all candidates in 23 pivotal seats and asked that they support our members who provide these services by signing our candidates’ pledge.

You can see who has given their support HERE.

Would you like to be involved on Election Day (or pre-polling)?

You can volunteer at a booth on Election Day (or pre-polling) with Unions NSW.

Unions NSW will be co-ordinating union members just like you at 11 marginal seats across the state.

To get involved and find a seat near you click HERE.

Make no mistake, the voice of our membership has been heard in the lead up to this election like never before.

Our members will stand up to defend the delivery of quality public services to the community.

This is a message that we will promote right up until Election Day and will continue to highlight beyond March 28.

Last but by no means least, the PSA congratulates you for the work that you have done as public servants for the past four years on behalf of the people of NSW.

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