We need YOUR feedback: State Crime Command Business Directorate restructure - Public Service Association

We need YOUR feedback: State Crime Command Business Directorate restructure

State Crime Command Business Directorate Restructure - Aug 2019 (PDF version)

Following a long period of uncertainty for members, the final draft of an endorsed new State Crime Command Business Directorate structure was presented to staff in a meeting yesterday morning.

This slideshow presentation reflected the old and new structures, as well as a Placement Strategy for affected staff.

There is currently two weeks set down to provide feedback and seek clarifications. It is intended to provide this in a written response to NSW Police by COB Wednesday 28 August from members’ collated submissions.

If it becomes clear that this timeframe is too limited for adequate consultation, or communication of answers from NSW Police over the next two weeks is not timely, the PSA will consider seeking an extension.

The PSA encourages all members to participate in this process by:

  • asking all necessary questions and clarifications of the HR Workforce Reform team
  • seeking all necessary information from HR Workforce Reform and Business Directorate Management (such as Role Descriptions or other appropriate documents)
  • providing feedback through the Smackbox created: #SCCREVIEW
  • providing written feedback to the PSA per below by COB Monday 26 August
  • providing/discussing feedback with the PSA in person per below.

A meeting of PSA members will take place to discuss feedback as follows:

Wednesday 22 August
12:30pm to 1:30pm
PHQ – Hamilton Room

All written feedback should be submitted via email to:

Andrew Wright
Industrial Officer

Please CC:

Roland Harris

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