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WorkCover office closures

Attention WorkCover members

Bulletin – Workcover – office closures – Aug 2014 (PDF version)

Many will by now have heard of the intention to close some metropolitan offices and relocate to new sites in Liverpool and Baulkham Hills. It is recognised that this will be causing a good deal of anxiety for some people.

The PSA has been involved in this from early on by insisting that management let affected staff know of the intention to close offices, even if the new location was not yet known. We argued that our members have a right to be informed at the earliest possible time of decisions which may impact on them.

It is for this reason that you have seen progressive announcements made, first about the cessation of current leases and then later about intended new office locations. At no point has there been consultation on this matter, only information has been offered.

It is clear that these decisions are being made centrally as part of a whole of government approach and WorkCover itself has had limited influence or input into these decisions. The “Decade of Decentralisation” announced by government is intended to assist rural and regional communities however it is clear that Western Sydney has become part of that overall plan.

We are encouraged to see that WorkCover is setting up a working party to discuss the issues which will arise out of these proposed moves. The PSA will be nominating 2 representatives and it will be a forum where we can raise issues and propose solutions. Already we have received from members a number of suggestions as to how the impact on them can be reduced, so please keep the ideas coming in so your representatives can take them forward.

A very obvious way to assist people is for SRWS to re-visit the recent decision to reduce the approvals for working from home arrangements. In this day and age it is not acceptable for employers to place increasing imposts on their employees when there are more family friendly alternatives available in a great many cases.

Keep a look out for further announcements regarding contact people for the working group and how to participate more fully.

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