Workers Compensation Commission PSA members’ meeting 5 June 2019 - Public Service Association

Workers Compensation Commission PSA members’ meeting 5 June 2019

Workers Comp Comm – July 2019 (PDF version)

Members raised some concerns over the move into the Telstra building next year. They are concerned not a lot of information is coming their way.

Members are unclear as to the reason for the relocation and over work arrangements, which may come in following the move. For instance, there are concerns over ‘agile working’ and how that may look and also working-from-home arrangements.

Guidelines for NSW Public Service accommodation exist and should be followed in setting up any new office format. The PSA will ensure proper consultation takes place around agile working and working from home.

Members suggested the reinstitution of formal consultative arrangements should be considered.

PSA Industrial staff are considering the above and will push for appropriate consultation as safeguards for members.

The PSA was successful in recent Industrial Relations Commission action and staff will receive the full 2.5 per cent pay rise with effect from the first FULL pay period in July.

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