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Workload focus groups – Community Corrections

NSW Community Corrections Workload Focus Groups - Dec 2019 (PDF version)

The PSA advises that the Workload Focus Groups met 6 December 2019 to discuss ongoing institutional and community workload issues. The PSA raised a number of issues including staffing levels, outdated policies and procedures, appropriate workload weighting, incremental progression of duties and regional challenges.

The PSA notes that a number of initiatives were discussed including the following:

  • Draft institutional Service Delivery Standards have been released by the Department and there is an agreed consultation process with the PSA and staff. The Department advised that it seeks feedback by 20 December 2019 and it is proposed that the new Service Delivery Standards will be implemented by the end of January 2020.
  • There will be changes made to the Guide to Workload Management and workload weighting to better reflect and guide work practices, especially taking into consideration legislative and policy changes.
  • The Department is looking at strategies to deal with specific challenges affecting regional locations.
  • The Department has agreed to ongoing consultation with the PSA about workload issues and any proposed changes to work practices.

The PSA will be making submissions to the Department in relation to the proposed institutional Service Delivery standards and any changes to the Guide to Workload Management. The PSA invites members to provide feedback by contacting the MSC on 1300 772 679 quote the following Call No.125591.

The PSA has identified workload as a significant Work Health and Safety issue and will continue to support you on this issue. The PSA will continue to push for a safer workplace for our members and thanks Delegates and members for its engagement on this and other collective issues.

Members will continue to be updated as these discussions continue.

A union workplace is a fairer workplace.

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