YOUR Communications (Police Radio) Advisory Group Delegates – update - Public Service Association

YOUR Communications (Police Radio) Advisory Group Delegates – update

YOUR Communications (Police Radio) Advisory Group Delegates – Update - Aug 2019

Following recent nominations and elections for the Communications Advisory Group (Police Radio), an updated list of your delegates is provided below:

Electorate Delegate
Tamworth Sharon Watkins (Secretary)
Penrith John Hughes (Chair)
Oak Flats Murray Adamson
Sydney (1) Michael Petersen
Sydney (2) vacant
Newcastle (1) vacant
Newcastle (2) vacant


The PSA wishes to thank all members who nominated and congratulates all those who were elected, as well as those who have previously worked hard in these delegate roles for their colleagues.

We need YOU!

  • It is critical that we have a representative voice from every centre, including Newcastle.
  • Unions like the PSA rely on active members and delegates to maintain adequate representation in workplaces and ensure information flows effectively between members in workplaces and PSA industrial staff.
  • Delegates are the union’s eyes and ears in the workplace and it’s extremely important that these roles are filled to provide that communication flow.
  • If you don’t want to be an Advisory Group delegate but still want to get involved representing members and the PSA in your workplace, contact us today!

Attendance and training

  • A reminder that all PSA members are entitled to 12 days of paid leave every two years for union training.
  • The PSA can assist in developing your skills before or after becoming a delegate through specialised courses such as Role of the Delegate, Dealing with Member Issues and Women in the Union. The full PSA training schedule is available HERE.
  • As an Advisory Group delegate, you will be entitled to paid Special Leave to attend the quarterly meetings.

Where can I get further information?

If you would like any further information about how this Advisory Group functions, the role of Delegates, or to discuss your interest in confidence, please contact one of the current delegates, or:

Roland Harris
PSA Organiser

It pays to be union. Not a member? Sign up today!

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