Your union celebrating you: PSA Schools Recognition Week 2022 - Public Service Association

Your union celebrating you: PSA Schools Recognition Week 2022

PSA Schools Recognition Week: 5-9 September 2022

Schools Recognition Week kicks off on Monday 5 September. The PSA will be promoting the wonderful work you do and encouraging the school community to recognise you and thank you.

This year, more than ever, we are asking your school community to step up and recognise the outstanding work you do in education every single day. In recent months it has become apparent that the NSW Government does not respect or recognise the amazing role you play in keeping our schools running but your union does, that’s why we run PSA Schools Recognition Week every year.

Your union will always celebrate you and have your back!

Read about the PSA’s fight to secure you a pay rise HERE.

Read about the PSA’s response to the Education’s Minister’s announcement on teacher workload HERE.

What is your school planning this year to recognise you during this important PSA week?

In a couple of weeks, you will be receiving your PSA packages for recognition week.

Let your Principal and P&C know the Recognition Week dates so they can plan a thank you for all the non-teaching staff at your school.

Don’t forget to invite everyone from the General Assistant, School Psychologist, Student Support Officers, Aboriginal Education Officers, all the Administrative Staff, Learning Support Officers, SAOs working in science, the library and food tech, and any Community Liaison Officers that might work at your school as well as any other non-teaching staff working with you.

If your school is having an event or morning tea and you would like your Organiser to attend get in touch so we can schedule it in. Make sure you take lots of photos, and we will promote you and the work you do as well.

Email your photos to .

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