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The CPSU NSW is the specialist union for Professional Staff in higher education.

CPSU NSW members are part of a union with over 130,000 members across the country and over 34,000 members in NSW.

Each University in NSW has their own Branch Committee with local delegates elected to support and represent the interests of members.

The CPSU NSW support our Branch Committee delegates to effectively ensure negotiations are by Professional Staff for Professional Staff.

Many of employment conditions are unique to Professional Staff in the higher education sector.


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Journey Insurance Free for Members

Bargaining Reports

UTS Enterprise Bargaining update - July 2017 (PDF version)_Page_1 small

 Previous Bargaining Reports

University of Technology Enterprise Bargaining update – 6 July 2017 (PDF version)

UTS CPSU Branch Contacts

Branch President
Rosa Bow
9514 9850
Vice President
Mark Christopher
 9514 3365
Branch Secretary
Greg Hampshire
9514 3307
Women’s Officer
Fleur Sargent
9514 7477
Delegate Member
Michael Soo
9514 3679
Delegate Member
Andreas Dalman
9514 3740

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