20 per cent job losses proposed in Policy & Budget Restructure: 52 Grade 11/12s cut by 11, down to 41 - Public Service Association

20 per cent job losses proposed in Policy & Budget Restructure: 52 Grade 11/12s cut by 11, down to 41

Treasury PandB cuts - Aug 2019 (PDF version)

Last Friday, 9 August, PSA industrial staff and delegates met with management about the Policy and Budget Restructure. The PSA heard from members at a meeting immediately following.

The PSA was immediately alarmed by the proposed consultation period – one week is simply too short for the PSA to properly consult with members, let alone affording time for members to undertake the various actions they need to address in a restructure involving 20 per cent job losses. The PSA made immediate representations to management on this issue:


This will allow the PSA to hear members’ concerns and provide a response back to the Department. Please forward your concerns to your Industrial Officer, Phoebe Dangerfield, "> with “Call 120488” in the subject line by no later than c.o.b. Monday 19 August. A collated response will be forwarded on behalf of members.


  • Send your concerns to the PSA, as per above advice. Include your concerns with the restructure proposal itself and also any concerns or difficulty you have preparing your EOI in the time frame.
  • Make appointments to speak with Directors who you may be interested working for. Make sure you keep a paper trail on this – the PSA has already raised concerns that some members could not arrange appointments to speak with Directors until after their EOI should have been lodged!
  • Consider whether you require assistance putting your EOI together and contact HR if you would like assistance.
  • Advise your colleagues to join the PSA – there is not a better time than NOW!

Join online at psa.asn.au/join.

Are your details up to date?

We have distributed this email to a number of different “workplaces” to ensure we are reaching affected members. To ensure the accuracy of our membership records, please visit www.psa.asn.au and login to the members’ area to update your “workplace details” to reflect the new Treasury structure.

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