3/4 Talent Pool for recruiting to Revenue NSW and Service NSW - Public Service Association

3/4 Talent Pool for recruiting to Revenue NSW and Service NSW

The PSA has met with the Department to discuss their intention to establish one Talent Pool for 3/4 Roles across both Service NSW and Revenue NSW due to the similar capabilities used to assess a candidate’s suitability for these roles.

The Role Descriptions for both Customer Service Support Officer used by Revenue NSW and Customer Service Representative used in Service NSW are linked below for your reference.

If successful onto the 3/4 Talent Pool, a candidate may then be offered a role in either Revenue NSW or Service NSW with the remuneration and Award conditions for the role specified to the candidate at this point.

Due to the different rates of pay and employment conditions, such as access to flexible work, between the two roles the PSA requested clarification if a candidate would remain on the Talent Pool where they declined an offer hoping to gain a position in a different area. The Department have advised they will clarify this.

If you have questions regarding the use of Talent Pools, further concerns or feedback, please email the Member Support Centre at quoting the Call Number 166763 for this matter.

Role Description – CustSerRep CC SNSW3-4

Role Description – CustSer Support Officer – 3-4

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