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ICAC Award update

Award bulletin ICAC - Dec 2019 (PDF version)

The PSA has endeavoured to keep you up to date and informed in regard to discussions with management regarding the ICAC Award.

Each year the pay increase goes through as essentially a new award (the only change being the salaries increase). At the time that was progressing ICAC endeavoured to make some changes to the award that they essentially saw as tidying it up. In general terms there was nothing that appeared to be problematic but we always need to check these things with our members. It was too late to deal with anything prior to the pay matter and the 2.5 per cent increase was duly resolved in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC). But the IRC advised the parties to sit down and talk about the other matters to see if they could be progressed.

Over a period of time we have done so.

The current award is attached HERE with track changes to show the proposed changes. It is most important to note that this was not intended as a process to renegotiate the award and there certainly may be things we wish to discuss with them in the future.

The current changes include updating position names and providing a table that clarifies allowances for Investigators.

The PSA recognises the knowledge of the members in the workplace. We ask that you look at the attached document and its track changes and advise the PSA of any concerns you may have.

We seek your response by Friday 13 December.

ICAC will soon lodge the award with the changes in the IRC. The parties will appear before the IRC on 17 December. If there are issues raised by our members that require further discussion this will be done before the IRC on that date.

If we are in agreement, we will seek that the changes be accepted and the new award adopted by the IRC.

Please provide any issues to Industrial Officer Nick Player by email to ">.

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