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Your DCJ Communities Delegates and the Consultation Process

Selection - June 2020 (PDF version)

Your union, the PSA, has been working to set up a Community Services/Housing Delegate forum to support an ongoing opportunity for Delegates across the Illawarra Shoalhaven and Southern NSW region to communicate with the PSA and each other.

The delegate forum will give you, through your Delegates, an opportunity to discuss what is important to members in various workplaces across the region. The aim is to identify one representative from each workplace so there is consistent representation.

The meetings will be an opportunity to compare what different areas and workplaces are doing, what is working and what changes need to be made. Delegates will be able to speak freely on behalf of members about their concerns, caucusing to develop an agreed position so that they can then enter into various tiers of consultative meetings with management.

PSA Delegates represent you with management

The PSA represents your interests at meetings with management called Joint Consultative Committees (JCCs). The purpose of a JCC is to establish a regular forum for issues and concerns to be raised with management and addressed collaboratively.

If you have collective workplace issues you’d like raised at your next JCC, you can raise these with your delegates.

Having a strong representative delegate structure in place is instrumental in achieving meaningful consultation for all.

The next JCC will be on Monday 15 June and will continue to be scheduled quarterly.

The PSA previously distributed a survey monkey which highlighted a range of concerns from members that will inform discussions at District and state-level JCCs.

If you have any individual or collective workplace issues you would like addressed, you can raise them with your local Delegate below for discussion at the PSA Delegates Caucus and JCC meetings. Any issues that remain unresolved at the District JCC will be escalated to the state-wide JCC.

Know your delegates, your voice and support in the workplace:

If you are a delegate in your workplace and not on this list, please contact Regional Organiser Shane Elliott at .  

We will soon hold Community Services and Housing Workplace Group Committee Elections. These will be held either in person, adhering to strict social distancing measures, or via Zoom. Bulletins outlining this process will be distributed to members in the coming weeks.

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