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Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission Joint Consultative Committee

GWIC JCC - Oct 2020 (PDF version)

The PSA held its inaugural Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) with the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (GWIC) on 28 October 2020. The JCC is attended by your PSA Delegates and industrial staff along with senior management of GWIC and DCS Employee Relations. The following is a report back to members on that meeting.

GWIC Restructure Management Plan

The A/CEO provided a report back to the Committee as to the progress of the Restructure Management Plan (RMP) which is now in its early stages of implementation. At this time, communications should be commencing from this Friday 30 October in relation to the Compliance Team along with the Welfare and Registration Team.

The next stage will commence from 14 November 2020 with Policy Resources in the Animal Welfare Team.

There has been some recruitment already undertaken for two roles – Anti Doping and the Wagering Analyst.

At this time the RMP for the Steward’s is being deferred until a new Chief Steward has been appointed so further movement on that will not be expected until early 2021.

Steward numbers at race meetings

The PSA understands that the current commitment from the A/Chief Steward is to have three Stewards attend race meetings and this has been supported by the PSA Delegates.

The PSA has asked whether this will be an ongoing commitment from the GWIC. At this time the GWIC has not confirmed other than stating that when a new Chief Steward is committed that it will look to form a working party to look at this issue. The PSA will be seeking representation on that working party.

Travel time

It has been brought to the PSA’s attention that some field staff are required to deduct 30 minutes of travel time to and from their home when they travel for work purposes.

Ordinarily the PSA would expect that field staff would be on the clock at the time of departure from their home or return. GWIC contended that the 30-minute deduction was originally meant as a matter of equity.

At this time both the PSA and GWIC will investigate further prior to engaging in ongoing discussions as to what should be happening.

Rostered Administration Day

It was explained to the JCC that Stewards previously had a rostered day off-track to perform administration tasks but that this has been subsequently removed. The removal of this has raised a concern that Stewards are now having to undertake a number of administration tasks such as time sheets and car maintenance in their own time.

The PSA has a very simple position: any work-related tasks should be undertaken in paid time. The GWIC has indicated it is happy to have further discussions in relation to this following the appointment of a new Chief Steward.

Award conditions/allowance

There was a general discussion with the GWIC as to how a number of allowances, such as the gararging/car port allowance and home office, may not be being properly applied.

There is a general commitment from GWIC to look into these matters with the PSA and DCS and further communications to members will follow on this matter.

Change to the Commission’s Code of Ethics and Conduct

GWIC has put forward several minor proposed amendments which are attached HERE for your information.

In short, there is an extension of the policy to cover the use of alcohol while using a motor vehicle and a new section that has been included to cover the use of emails and insulting or offensive comments.

If members have any specific concerns with the proposed changes they are invited to comment by email through to .

Declaration of assets and liabilities of staff in high-risk roles

Following an earlier review undertaken by Deloitte into GWIC as it is considered a ‘high risk’ industry there is a suggestion to look at GWIC having a ‘declaration of assets and liabilities’. At this time, it is for discussion purposes only. The PSA will appreciate that there will be some strongly held views by members about this and there will be more consultation to come.

Next meeting

JCCs are held quarterly and the next one will be on 3 February 2021. There will be further meetings with the GWIC prior to that as the RMP and other matters raised in this bulletin are dealt with.

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