Special COVID-19 bulletin - Public Service Association

Special COVID-19 bulletin

The PSA has been in contact with the Sheriff’s Office regarding arrangements for members located inside the Fairfield Local Government Area (LGA). The Sheriff’s Office will be providing more information for affected staff in the near future.

At this stage, the PSA is writing to management to clarify whether or not testing will be covered in work time. The situation is rapidly evolving and we will keep you updated on what is happening. There should be more information available in the next 48 hours.

Field Operations

We have asked management to provide clarifications to officers in the field regarding enforcement operations for the safety and security of our members. Significant steps have been taken to improve officer safety.

A 60-day eviction moratorium was announced by the government on 13 July 2021. However, the legislation to support the moratorium is not yet available. When released the Sheriff’s Office will assess the legislation and then we can respond as to what will occur moving forward.

At this stage the Office of the Sheriff has begun the following measures, which include.

  • Evictions and arrest warrants have been temporarily suspended
  • Reduced operational capacity on 29 July 2021
  • Movements within the Fairfield, Bankstown and Liverpool LGAs have been temporarily suspended
  • Officers are not required to travel from the Greater Sydney area to regional areas for enforcement operations and vice-versa
  • The remaining network of centres across NSW are maintaining business as usual in compliance with relevant NSW Health restrictions. Management will continue to monitor the situation (state-wide) and will make adjustments as they become necessary.

Members who have concerns that current field operations directions may place them and their families at greater risk should discuss this with their OIC or contact the PSA.

Operation Police Assist II

The PSA has been in discussion with the Sheriff regarding the Operation and encourage interested members to put their name forward to assist. This is a great opportunity for Sheriff’s Officers to be part of the multi-agency effort to control the current outbreak.

If you need any further information, contact your local delegate or the Member Support Centre for advice on 1300 772 679.

Your SOVBAG delegates

Marko Petrovic
Sydney City, Chair

Stephen Hancock
Sydney City, V/Chair

Glenn Elliott-Rudder
Wagga Wagga, Secretary

Lora Braytih
COU, V/Secretary

Joseph Safour
Wagga Wagga

Pam Mackenzie
Sydney City

Paul O’Shea

Rob Dickinson

Stephanie Nikolovska
Sydney City

Tian Salter

Your PSA staff

Latu Sailosi Organiser

Andrew Wright Industrial Officer

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