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Accessing the COVID-19 vaccine

Vaccine - May 2021 (PDF version)

Vaccinations for COVID-19 are becoming more widely available through local GP clinics and the Vaccination Hub in Homebush Bay.

It is also the PSA’s understanding that the State Government is working to create regional hubs in concert with the Federal Government.

The PSA has been contacted by a number of members in various agencies in respect to what type of leave they should access and, for some members in frontline roles, their status in respect to the federal Department of Health’s website i.e., 1(a), 1(b), 2(a), 2(b) etc.

See a chart outlining the Federal Government’s age and occupational timetable and our membership’s status HERE. Please make an inquiry to the Member Support Centre if your occupation is not included.

In general, members should be aware they are entitled to access their sick leave to seek medical treatment. They may also be able to access FACS Leave in the case of seeking vaccinations for family members and loved ones.

The PSA represents numerous members in high risk frontline roles. A meeting was held yesterday between the General Secretary Stewart Little and the Minister for Health Brad Hazzard.

The PSA was able to put forward its concerns for members employed at the Ministry of Health, in Disabilities, Corrective Services, Youth Justice, NSW Police, Rural Fire Service, Fire and Rescue, State Emergency Service, Schools, Community Services, NPWS, Service NSW, Regulatory Inspectors, Cultural Institutions, Transport for NSW, Sheriff’s Office, Trustee and Guardian, Courts, the Office of the DPP and other areas.

Given the emergent situation in Victoria, the PSA has urged Minister Hazzard to use his offices to better coordinate a whole-of-government response to the vaccination of PSA members.

The PSA will today write to all Departmental Secretaries and to NGOs for those employed in disability services, to seek a more cooperative and coordinated approach for the vaccination of all members.

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