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ADHC update: PSA goes to court over consultation

ADHC update PSA goes to court over consultation – March 2016 (PDF version)

PSA lodges dispute in NSW Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) over lack of consultation in disability privatisation.

While the NSW Government pushes on with its ill-conceived plan to privatise all disability services in the state, genuine consultation and negotiations around the conditions and welfare of staff have been ignored by your employer. Discussions between the Government and your representatives, the PSA, broke down in 2014 despite repeated and ongoing issues with the privatisation. They have not resumed since.

The lack of a consultative forum has meant  many members’ questions have gone unanswered, causing high levels of uncertainty and anxiety for workers in ADHC. Due to this, your union has lodged a dispute in the NSW Industrial Relations Committee to fight for genuine consultation around the changes affecting all staff in Ageing Disability and Home Care.

Questions from ADHC members that remain unanswered include:

  1. What exactly happens on 1 July 2016 for Team Leaders and Disability Support Workers? What changes will occur?
  2. Is there a set date for when my job will transfer?
  3. If Business Services (Bizlink) is no longer processing ADHC wages after 1 July, who will be responsible?
  4. If staff have large Long Service Leave balances, what risks are present in the transfer and how safe will the current value of the entitlement be into the future?
  5. Will the transfer of conditions be guaranteed by a legally enforceable instrument?
  6. Will the new employer be able to alter classifications/grades, shift lengths, etc?
  7. How will superannuation be affected?
  8. Some staff have WHS restrictions, will these restrictions be honoured post- transfer and what obligation will the new employer have?
  9. What opportunities will there be for retraining?
  10. How will the transfer of real estate assets be managed?

The matter has been listed by the Industrial Relations Committee for a first hearing on Thursday 31 March 2016. We will keep members updated on any developments in the proceedings, and appreciate the support of members who wish to come to the Commitee to support your case.

COME TO COURT! Contact Your Organising Team at the PSA to Get Involved: 

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