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Australian Museum restructure: PSA provides initial feedback

Resctructure Feedback - May 2021 (PDF version)

The PSA has provided your initial feedback regarding the Australian Museum restructure.

The PSA has focused on six key areas. Below is a summary of the PSA’s feedback:

Issue PSA summary of response
  1. Timeframe
The allocated timeframe for consultation is insufficient to allow for PSA and staff to provide feedback, or for management to implement this feedback.
  1. Lack of consultation with managers
There has been a lack of adequate consultation with managers at the outset and ongoing.

The PSA believes this has led to under-informed decision making by ELT.

  1. Inadequate consultation and communication across organisation
The PSA believes there has been inadequate consultation and communication across the organisation. The feedback mechanisms are insubstantial and unstructured; limited consultation has caused decisions to be made on the basis of inadequate information; and there has been a lack of transparency throughout the process.

We have identified inaccurate information: i.e. in the Impact of Removed Roles review document.

  1. Support for and communication to affected staff and across the organisation.
The PSA believes that the support provided to affected staff has been inadequate and has contributed to increased stress and uncertainty across the museum.
  1. Transparency of decision making process
There has been a lack of consultation and transparency in the decision making process around temporary>ongoing contracts, including a historic reluctance to share the list of all temporary roles with the PSA.

It is unclear how the strategic benefits and cost-benefit ratio for the museum were calculated.

  1. Impact on affected areas.
The PSA believes that the Change Management Plan has been proposed without an adequate understanding of the operations and active duties of staff in affected areas. We believe there will be a detrimental impact to already under-resourced teams and this will add to low morale across the museum.

There is a need to distribute “Appendix 3: Removed roles – impacts arising” to all managers and team members of affected staff for accurate assessment of impacts.


PSA members expressed strong disappointment with how the Australian Museum has approached this restructure. PSA members expect the Australian Museum to consider this feedback, and make the sought after changes to the restructure plan.

The PSA is requesting an urgent meeting with management to further consult regarding the restructure.

NSW Government’s proposed $13 million funding cut to the Australian Museum

This restructure has highlighted the impact of funding cuts to Cultural Institutions.

It has been reported HERE the NSW Government is proposing a further $13 million funding cut to the Australian Museum.

A $13 million funding cut could mean further job cuts. These are front-facing public sector roles who are interacting with their community, bringing tourism to NSW, leading the NSW economy recovery. Right now, tourism needs a boost, not a sedative.

The PSA calls on the NSW Government – Keep Our Icons Alive, stop the proposed $38 million funding cut to Cultural Institutions.

The PSA will continue to advocate for manageable workloads, job security, and an increase in permanent roles.

The PSA is your advocate at the Australian Museum – join the PSA today at

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