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Backflip on Gosford Relocations – PSA apology sought

Backflip on Gosford Relocations – PSA apology sought – July 2018 (PDF version)

Your union, the PSA, was pleased to learn that the Department announced last Friday (6 July) that it was to reduce the number of roles it will relocate to the Central Coast from Maitland as part of the Gosford Relocation Program.

DFSI Deputy Secretary Stephen Brady announced to Maitland staff last Friday that Revenue NSW will now be seeking “volunteers” from the Fees and Fines unit who wish to relocate from Maitland to Gosford.

The PSA has consistently and assertively argued against any PSA member being forced to relocate from Maitland to Gosford. Where is the fairness in being instructed by a Government Minister to relocate your entire livelihood? There is none.

Since early 2017 the PSA has run a visible campaign partnering with the local Maitland MP Jenny Aitchison, where we have been able to generate significant Hunter-wide media interest in the issue – most notably the significant impacts that the forced relocation of 39 staff, along with their families, will have on the local Hunter economy.

See NBN and Newcastle Herald articles HERE and HERE from 2017.

Most recently, the PSA was approached last Thursday afternoon by the Maitland Mercury as it was preparing this story published Monday 9 July which can be viewed HERE. After speaking with PSA staff, the journalist then contacted the Department for its comment on Thursday afternoon.

The next morning (Friday 6 July) without any prior notice Dep Sec Stephen Brady appears in Maitland to deliver the news that there would no longer be any forced relocation of Maitland staff.

Coincidence? We don’t think so.

As a result of the PSA campaign the Department was taking whatever action it could to mitigate the negative publicity.

As a matter of dignity and respect members we think members now deserve an apology. The PSA is calling on either the Minister, the Treasurer or the Secretary to make a public apology to affected Maitland staff for the significant stress and inconvenience that their behaviour has caused.

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