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CARS determination

RMS CARS determination – 23 March 2017 (PDF Version)

Thanks to the diligence of our members, the PSA has been alerted to the release of the determination for the Compliance and Regulatory Services (CARS) restructure.

Unfortunately, despite previous commitments, RMS has not formally notified your union of the determination or forwarded relevant documentation.

The PSA has urgently sought the full determination from RMS so we can analyse the decision and determine the impact on our members.

Restructure problems – make sure your views are heard

The PSA has already heard from RMS staff who are unhappy with RMS’s handling of this restructure, including:

  • unexpected changes between the “consultation” version and the final determination
  • the potential loss of front-line positions
  • positions being downgraded without consultation.

We are compiling these problems and will meet with RMS to work through these and other issues with the determination.

If you have problems with the CARS restructure that were not adequately addressed by RMS’s consultation or processes, please email us at to make sure your matter is properly represented.

PSA meetings in your workplace

In the current environment it is more important than ever for PSA members to stay active and connected to our union. A great way to do this is through workplace meetings of PSA members and officials.

If you want to organise a PSA meeting in your workplace contact your organiser at .


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