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PSA/CPSU NSW Retired Associates – April/May Update

Retired Associates met on 23 April 2024 at PSA House and by zoom. Troy Wright, Assistant General Secretary provided an update.  Issues discussed included: future pay rises for public servants; recent changes to the Industrial Relations Act, 1996; ongoing problems with the Powerhouse Museum, including flooding at the Parramatta site; PSA has established a Committee of Cultural Institutions; a curator from the Powerhouse is on…

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Hands Off Pensions and Medicare June 2014 (PDF Version) The phony scare campaign that there is a deficit crisis is being used to bring in an Austerity Budget. Since the Abbott Government have been in office, they have doubled the deficit to $68 billion. This cruel budget will result in: Pension age increasing to 70 (with 30% of people dying before the age of 70)…

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