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What is going on in Australia’s gas market explained - AFR 1 August 2022

The competition regulator has effectively accused big gas exporters of failing to supply enough gas to the domestic market. Gas producers disagree. Here’s what you need to know. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has effectively accused big gas exporters of failing to supply enough gas to the domestic market. It wants the federal government to stop the exporters selling “excess” gas – or gas that isn’t…

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Do your ‘duty’ and go back to office - Daily Telegraph 7 Feb 2022

BRINGING workers back into the city is a “civic duty” that will benefit the community both “socially and economically,” Premier Dominic ­Perrottet says. In a bid to recapture the energy of the CBD, Mr Perrottet will convene a high-powered roundtable of government, business and community leaders on Friday to kickstart the city’s Covid recovery. The Daily Telegraph can reveal that the state government’s third Sydney…

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How to get your Coles Supermarket eGift cards for a 10% discount

If you are not registered with Union Shopper, you need to sign up at www.unionshopper.com.au Once registered, Log In to your Union Shopper account at www.unionshopper.com.au At the bottom of the home page, scroll through the gift cards until you find the 10% Coles offer. Click the grey button “Shop for gift cards now” Click “EGift Cards” Click “Coles Supermarket eGift 10% off” You can…

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How flimflam politicians cultivate a culture of business greed

By Ross Gittins Sydney Morning Herald October 13, 2021 I was startled the other day to hear a mate saying he was a bit depressed by the thought that Australia was turning into a business kleptocracy*. What? Surely not. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised he was on to something. [*Kleptocracy is a government whose corrupt leaders use political power…

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No one really wants a secure full-time job

Back in March 2018, the Australian Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd warned that union attempts to regulate against on-demand workers should not be entertained. In a keynote address to the National Public Sector Managers and Leaders Conference in Canberra, Mr Lloyd supported the use of flexible labour as a way for the public service to modernise. “Contingent workers are now a long-established facet of the…

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