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Check your redundancy payment

Check your redundancy payment – April 2019 (PDF version)

Members or former members who were made redundant by Revenue NSW in the past 12 months may be owed money.

The PSA has found that one or two redundancy calculations following the restructuring of the Collections unit last year were incorrect.

These one or two incorrect calculations were made for staff who worked varied or part-time hours.

The approved government method for calculating redundancy payment for staff who had worked varied hours over the course of their employment had not been used for these one or two members.

PSA wants to ensure all members and former members received their correct redundancy payment.

Please review the attached “Calculating Voluntary Redundancy – Varied Hours and LWOP” government memorandum HERE. Check it against the calculation the Department would have provided you around the time you received your redundancy last year.

If you believe your payment may have been miscalculated – please get in touch with Matthew Drake-Brockman