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Closure of Penrith Radio Operations Centre

The PSA has just been advised that the Police Force intends to close Penrith Radio Operations Centre (ROC) early next year and transfer all positions to Surry Hills.

We are aware of the devastating effect this will have on the majority of the approximately 70 staff at Penrith. Police have stated they will work with individual staff to seek solutions, including redeployment and changes to rosters.

But the consequences of this move go well beyond the effect on affected employees. It is most unlikely that the majority of staff currently at Penrith will be able to continue to work as Communications Officers, given the travel times from their homes to Surry Hills. This will cause a significant reduction in the number of Communications Officers available to Radio Operations Group (ROG) for dispatching. Given that the current staffing situation in ROG is already critical, the closure of Penrith ROC will cripple the entire ROG operation for at least 12 months.

The PSA is collecting information from members about the impact of the decision. Please send a message to Delegate John Hughes at  with the following information:

  1. Regarding moving your workplace to Surry Hills:
    * You are happy to go
    * Moving will be very hard but you will be able to do it
    * You are unable to work at Surry Hills.
  2. What suburb do you live in?
  3. Can you estimate your travel time each way to Surry Hills?
  4. Will you be seeking redeployment?

We need all the support we can get from all Communications Officers to try and stop this plan. We are currently reviewing the information provided and will be exploring all options to fight these forced relocations. Staff who are not already in the union should take this opportunity to sign up today at

If you have questions, issues, or have a colleague who wants to join, contact your organiser Glenn Duncan at

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