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Communities and Justice Change Management Plan – Disability Services

Change Management Plan update - Sept 2019 (PDF version)

Following the release of a draft Change Management Plan by the department on 29 May 2019 the PSA circulated a Bulletin to members working in Disability Services at the Hunter Residences – Stockton Centre, Kanangra Centre, Tomaree Lodge, Casuarina Grove and the Community Justice and Integrated Service Programs, Parramatta on 5 June 2019 requesting that delegates after member meetings forward issues and concerns regarding the draft proposal. Consultation on the draft was to conclude on the 15 July 2019.

The PSA forwarded a detailed response to the department on 15 July 2019 seeking various changes and clarification of a number of issues prior to the release of a final draft.

With the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association running a protracted dispute in the NSW Industrial Commission the release of the final draft was delayed until the 19 August 2019. You can read the documents HERE and HERE.

The Communities and Justice department had incorporated a number of requested changes to the CMP and related fact sheets by affected unions and staff.

The Disability Services JCC met on the 22 August to clarify a number of issues around the CMP and ongoing Disability Services Step down process which is proposed to be finalised by the end of 2020. The PSA raised the issue of no detailed timeline being highlighted in the plan. The department indicated that the transfer of over 100 clients and Nursing staff from three residential centres to more than 60 new group homes located across coastal NSW was a complex and timely process. This is the reason for no hard and fast timeline. Four residents and staff commenced the relocation on the 5 August.

It is not anticipated that PSA members will see the change process affect them until November 2019. DCJ has committed to use the Local Consultative Committee to notify any change management proposals for affected PSA members prior to the commencement date. The next Local Consultative Committee meeting is scheduled for 9 October 2019.

The focus and priority of the CMP is for retraining opportunities and redeployment of affected members with VR being an option of last resort. It is anticipated that no redundancies will occur for members employed at the CJP ISP programs at Parramatta as the Community Safety program is funded until 2021.

Briefings of members will occur commencing the week 26 August 2019 conducted by the department, PSA officers will co-ordinate member meetings to follow the briefings over the coming weeks.

The next Disability Services JCC is scheduled for 24 October 2019 the parties have agreed to meet earlier to address any pressing issues if required.

Please note that members working at Casuarina Grove are not subject to this change management plan as they are in scope for a separate transfer proposal. No operator for this service has been identified at this time and DCJ will continue to operate the Service for the foreseeable future.

If members have any concerns please call or email the PSA Member Support Centre 1300 772 679 or ">.

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