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Community Corrections: Transition to COVID-Safe Roadmap Phase 3

Transition Roadmap - Sept 2020 (PDF version)

As advised in a recent bulletin, Community Corrections distributed its Roadmap policy setting out a framework for phased return to normal operations. A copy of that bulletin is available HERE.

The PSA will continue ongoing discussions with the Department about the recovery process. Last week, Commissioner’s Instruction 07/2020 was rescinded and replaced by a new Commissioner’s Instruction that enabled a transition to Phase 3 of the COVID-Safe Roadmap. This includes a gradual resumption of in-person interviews, home visits, and community service work.

Ultimately, how this is operationalised in each centre will be a matter for local managers in consultation with members at that site. The Commissioner’s Instruction enables the resumption of certain activities rather than requiring them in a certain way. What is safe and operationally viable will look different at different centres.

There is also nothing specific in these changes that should cease working from home arrangements. Phase 3 mentions reviewing working from home arrangements/flexible working practices and updating them as needed.

Members with concerns about how the transition is happening in their centre should discuss with local management in the first instance. If there are inadequate local consultation avenues, please contact your industrial staff below to discuss.

Furthermore, members needing assistance with their individual circumstances, including working from home or flexible working arrangements, should contact the Member Support Centre in the first instance on 1300 772 679.

Your PSA staff

Roland Harris Industrial Officer

Leonie Wright Organiser

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