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Community Corrections update and the COMCOR COVID-Safe Roadmap

COMCOR COVID-Safe Roadmap - July 2020 (PDF version)

Last week, Community Corrections released documentation to members regarding its COVID recovery planning. The PSA has had ongoing discussions with the Department about the recovery planning process over the past couple of months, including regular teleconferences with the Assistant Commissioner.

The documents released provide comprehensive policy and framework for how each centre can plan its recovery process and what different phases of this process would look like. The PSA encourages members to familiarise themselves with these documents and direct any questions to their managers in the first instance.


The Roadmap covers cleaning protocols, including what should be adopted into the future, post-COVID. Different centres may have different cleaning arrangements that reflect their requirements. Any members with concerns about the cleaning arrangements in their workplace should discuss with local management and escalate to the PSA where concerns are not addressed.

Working from home

Members are reminded to look after their work health and safety when working from home. There is information available from Safework about office ergonomics, including furniture, posture, and desk setup. Members are also reminded that working from home may entitle them to tax deductions – further information is available on the ATO website.

Flex Time

The PSA continues to receive some reports from members about concerns with access to flex time entitlements. A bulletin was previously sent to members on this topic and is available HERE. The PSA encourages members to familiarise themselves with this bulletin and with the Justice Flexible Working Hours Agreement.

Please contact the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 if you have concerns or would like advice about access to flex time or any other Award entitlement.

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