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Corporate Services and Customer Engagement Integration Transition Management Plans – Dispute

Transition Dispute - Feb 2020 (PDF version)

The PSA has written to the Department notifying it of a dispute in relation to the TMP for the transfer of Service NSW Corporate Services Staff and the current proposed TMP for the Customer Engagement Integration (CEI). Click HERE for a copy of that correspondence.

The Department has relied on the TMP to transition staff from one industrial instrument onto another, in the first instance the TMP for SNSW CS Staff was used to move staff from the Service NSW Salaries and Conditions Award 2018 onto the Crown Employees Public Sector Salaries Award 2019.

The Department claims it is compliant with the Government Sector Employment Act and Rules by providing what it refers to as ‘salary maintenance’. However, many staff impacted by this TMP have in effect received a ‘salary freeze’ as they will not receive any yearly salary increases until such time as their salary reaches parity with the PS Award.

In addition to this, some staff have also lost the incremental progression that they might have reasonably expected to have received had they not been transitioned.

The current proposed TMP for the CEI provides a better outcome for those affected staff as it provides for true salary maintenance, that is those staff will maintain their current salary and will receive yearly salary increases. 

However other issues such as whether the proposed roles are the same or equivalent need to be questioned and like staff impacted by the first TMP, there still remains the issue of some members missing out on future increments.

The PSA has sought an extension to the current consultation period for the CEI TMP which closes this Thursday 27 February 2020 and some initial without prejudice discussions have been had. The PSA is seeking the following:

  1. Staff transferred under the Service NSW Corporate Services TMP whose salary was greater than the transferred role be provided with full salary maintenance with ongoing annual salary increases on or after the first pay period from 1 July 2020.
  2. That in addition to full salary maintenance, affected employees from both TMP’s also have salary increments of their original grade recognised and be allowed to progress to the highest level of that grade.

These are by no means the only issues and the PSA is aware that there are still a number of other concerns being raised by members as to flexible working hours, overtime rates and locations as a few examples as part of the current TMP – CEI consultation process that also require answers from the Department.

The PSA will keep members informed as to the progress of this dispute.

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