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Corrective Services Non-Custodial Joint Consultative Committee Update

Corrective Services Non-Custodial Joint Consultative Committee Update – June 2016 (PDF version)

Today the PSA and delegates attended the Peak Justice JCC.

On behalf of members working in Non-Custodial roles, the following two outstanding matters were raised.

  1. Excessive workload for Community Corrections officers.
  2. The incorrect grading of roles in the Administration and Stores Review and Restructure.

CCO workload

At a previous JCC held on the 18 May 2016, the Department of Justice gave an undertaking they had been working on a resolution for the continued excessive workload for Community Corrections Officers.

A fortnight after that assurance, the PSA contacted the Department for an update. After not receiving a response, the PSA raised the issue with Mr Cappie-Wood, Secretary for the Department, who assured the PSA the matter will be followed up and the Association will receive an answer shortly.

Admin Instruction and Stores Review

The PSA and delegates have spent considerable time critiquing documents provided by the Department on the restructure.

During this time, it was discovered that the score given to a role did not match the grade. In particular the PSA questioned why roles at a half have been downgraded to a Clerk General Scale despite attaining a score that places this role at a higher grade.

Mr Cappie-Wood immediately asked the Executive Director, Human Resources Mr Michael Baldi to look into the PSA claims and report back on the matter.

Once the PSA has received answers to these questions we will provide a further bulletin to members.

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