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COVID-19 and Fisheries

COVID-19 Fisheries – March 2020 (PDF version)

As you are aware, the Coronavirus or Covid19 threat to the health and wellbeing of our society is at a critical stage with unprecedented measures being implemented and recommended across every part of Australia. These measures invariably involve ‘social distancing’ and/or locking down where possible.

Under normal circumstances, our role as Fisheries Officers involves a high volume of client and colleague contact that will, if continued, now put us at an elevated risk of either catching or spreading the Covid19 virus.

The FOVB/PSA has requested an urgent meeting with management to understand what measures they are putting in place in order to minimise the risk to our health and safety.

The FOVB/PSA will be suggesting that Fisheries Officers;

  1. Avoid all unnecessary contact with both clients and colleagues.
  2. Focus on duties that don’t involve client or colleague contact such as surveillance, admin, maintenance.
  3. Not touch things handled by others unnecessarily such as licence cards, boats, vehicles.
  4. If interactions or handling items are unavoidable ensure that eyes, face and hands are covered by good quality PPE.
  5. Provision of sanitiser to clean hands and wipe down at risk surfaces.
  6. Not undertake any duty that you feel is unsafe under the prevailing Covid19 threat.
  7. Maintain a simple log of persons you interact with, indicating who and when.

In addition, we will call on Management to make clear what type of leave is available due to Covid19.

Any questions about these matters should be directed to any member of the FOVB Executive in the first instance. The FOVB Executive comprises Matthew Proctor, John Staines, Matthew Cartwright, Shaun Reynolds, Michael Northam, Jackie Corlass and Joseph Wright.

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