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COVID lockdown and NPWS ‘realignment’

COVID lockdown and NPWS ‘realignment’

While your union’s head office, PSA House, is primarily closed during the lockdown, staff are still performing their duties from either the office or home. While many of you may be doing some work from home, the PSA understands  many of you are still attending regional offices and/or performing your usual duties in the field.

Let the PSA assure you that during these difficult times your union is here to support its members. Please feel free to contact the Members Service Centre; our industrial staff and delegates even if it’s just for a chat. Irrespective of the constraints of the lockdown, the PSA is available to lend members its resources and support.

During lockdown, our industrial staff are constrained in their efforts to meet members face-to-face. However, we’re more than happy to meet online with members from their workplaces. Further to this our NPWS delegates have recently been provided with updated membership packages.

So if there are non-members at your workplace (particularly new staff in NPWS) feel free to contact your local delegate for an electronic membership package to provide to any non-member. Further to this our NPWS Organiser Kim de Govrik can provide these packages and is also more than happy to talk to non-members about the benefits of joining the PSA.

NPWS realignment

Meanwhile the NPWS ‘realignment’ continues unabated. The PSA has already negotiated an extension to the consultation process from senior management and delegates have prepared a number of questions on the realignment that have been presented to NPWS. It is the intention of the PSA to meet with the Senior Executive of NPWS in the coming days to provide further feedback on the realignment and discuss the questions already provided.

In the meantime, members can still provide information or questions to their local delegate or PSA industrial staff.

PSA Member Support Centre 1300 772 679

PSA Industrial Officer Michael Sinclair

PSA Organiser Kim De Govrik

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