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Department of Customer Service Joint Consultative Committee update

Last Thursday 25 November, your PSA industrial staff attended the regular Fortnightly Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting with the Department of Customer Service (DCS). The following is a report back to our members on the matters discussed:

COVID- 19 vaccination update:

Employee Relations has advised the PSA that Phase I staff, who have not completed the DCS Vaccination Register, will now begin to receive communications from the Department reminding them of their requirement to complete the declaration form.

Phase I staff were required to do so by Monday 22 November 2021 and need to be fully vaccinated by 1 December 2021. From this date, DCS has advised that unvaccinated staff who do not have either a medical or exceptional circumstance exemption will be unable to enter the physical workplace.

The PSA again encourages members who are unable to comply with the mandatory vaccination for whatever reason to engage with the DCS Hypercare team and inform the PSA of their situation as soon as possible.

Sick Leave

The PSA is concerned that staff are not aware of evidence requirements for Sick Leave as outlined under the Award.

Under the Award, staff are entitled to five non-consecutive days of Sick Leave in a calendar year without a medical certificate. If the period of Sick Leave for more than two days in a row, then a certificate is to be produced. As outlined under Clause 80.6 of the Award, the certificate is required to indicate the nature of the illness or injury, as well as the estimated duration of the staff members absence:

80.6    The granting of paid sick leave shall be subject to the staff member providing evidence which indicates the nature of illness or injury and the estimated duration of the absence.  If a staff member is concerned about disclosing the nature of the illness to their manager, they may elect to have the application for sick leave dealt with confidentially by an alternate manager or the human resources section of the Department.

The PSA reminds members that they can be directed to provide a certificate which meets these requirements.

Additionally, we would like to remind members of the importance of understanding your Sick Leave entitlements. We advise members to make sure they are familiar with their Award conditions with regard to Sick Leave, which are outlined in the following clauses:

Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Award

Section 6 – Leave

Clause 79 – Sick Leave

Clause 80 – Requirements for Evidence of Illness

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